Sure Kill Exterminating Service Inc.

Sure to kill the pests that have invaded your property

Catch Rodents Without Harming Your Pets

From pesky rats to squirrels that have found their way onto your property, our team has the experience to catch these rodents quickly.


Expert bait placement

Our exterminators place the bait in places where they know rodents will go but where your pets and children won't get to them.

  • Powerful rodenticides take care of rodents quickly.
  • Strategic bait placement ensures your pets and children won't be affected.
  • Knowledgeable exterminators that quickly fix the problem.
  • Quick catches that leave your property pest-free.
Contact our team of exterminators at Sure Kill Exterminating to learn why "it costs less to get the best." Call (336) 248-8280 today to set up an appointment to eliminate the pests within your home or business.